Australian High Commission
New Delhi
India, Bhutan


Reopening of VFS for biometric collection and online assist for Bangladesh and Bhutan

 VFS Australian Visa Application Centres will re-open for Biometric collection, enquiry and assisted online visa and Citizenship lodgement services on the following dates:

-        Bangladesh – Dhaka – Monday 2nd November 2020

-        Bhutan – Thimphu – Monday 2nd November 2020

-        Nepal - Kathmandu - Wednesday 4th November 2020

Please make an appointment online through this link:

Applications can be lodged online through the Department of Home Affairs website, Australian citizenship website or in person at VFS in Dhaka. Paper applications cannot currently be accepted due to COVID restrictions and border closures.

VFS Australia Visa Application Centres in India remain temporarily closed.

Please note that Australian border entry restrictions remain in place. Refer to the Department of Home Affairs COVID 19 and the border website for further information on when you may be eligible to travel to Australia.