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Australian Education: The World of Knowledge

The Australian Advantage

Australian Education: The World of Knowledge

The Australian Advantage – it is more than a slogan, it has been transformed into reality. There are many factors which contribute toward this – an education system which reflects quality, excellence and innovation, education institutions which impart the most modern skills cost-effectively through innovative teaching, a high level of technological advancement, some of the best infrastructure and facilities and a welcoming multicultural society enjoying a quality life-style in a safe environment. It is a place where students can realise their potential in ways that they planned and perhaps, in ways that they never imagined.

Australia offers a dynamic learning environment. International students experience a unique kind of education - a learning style that encourages innovative, creative, independent thinking. You will solve problems, interact with other people, and develop oral and written communication skills that will prepare you for the future. International students gain skills in Australia that help them to launch their careers and set them apart in the eyes of employers.

Australia provides limitless opportunities for international students to explore their future. Students can select from thousands of courses and they have the flexibility to choose the study path that best suits their goals.

Australia is a dynamic, vibrant country. Its people are energetic, friendly and confident. When you study in Australia, you discover fresh challenges and new experiences every day. You enjoy the freedom to make your own decisions – both academically and personally and also be recognized and rewarded for your achievements.

Australia’s education institutions offer a stimulating environment for students from around the world to gain valuable skills, experiences and qualifications. The end of year international student enrolment data 2009 reflects that 631,935 international students were enrolled in Australian institutions from some 217 different nationalities. Of these, 120,913 were Indian students. This rich diversity of nationalities ensures that you will make lifelong friends with students from around the world as well as from Australia.

Australia enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world. Living costs and student fees are very affordable and Australia is consistently less expensive than the UK or USA. International students in Australia are also able to work part-time while they study. Personal safety and security are major issues for students and their families. With people from more than 200 ethnic backgrounds making Australia their home, it is one of the most multicultural, safe, friendly and racially tolerant country in the world.

The Australian Government plays a pro-active role in ensuring that international students who come to Australia for their studies have legal protection. The Education Services for Overseas Students Act (ESOS Act) is unique to Australia and ensures that students get the quality course for which they have paid besides providing many other assurances to the international student and their family.

When you choose to undertake your education in Australia you choose quality and innovation, underpinned by a respect for traditions, balanced with an encouragement of independent and creative thinking. Start your future today. Study in Australia.