Australian High Commission
New Delhi
India, Bhutan

FAQs 2015 - Services for Australians


How do I get a replacement Australian drivers licence?

How can I get a replacement Australian passport?

What benefits or payments am I entitled to as a former Australian Resident?

I am returning from a holiday or moving back to Australia from overseas, where can I get some relocation assistance?

Can I bring cats and dogs (and other pets) to Australia?

How can I contact the police?

Can the High Commission in New Delhi help me get a visa for another country?

How do I obtain a police clearance or certificate of good conduct?

Can I vote in Australian elections while overseas?

Can I have my mail directed to the High Commission?
The Australian High Commission does not maintain a mail holding service. You will need to make private arrangements for this purpose.

Where can I find a lawyer in India?

We can email you a list of English speaking lawyers in the North & East of India on request. If you need a lawyer in Australia please see or

Where can I find a local doctor or dentist in India?

We can email you a list of doctors and medical service providers on request. This list includes providers only in the New Delhi Consular District. Separate doctor lists for other areas in India are maintained by the Australian Consulates in Mumbai and Chennai.