Australian High Commission
New Delhi
India, Bhutan


Passport Fees from 1 January 2018

​Passport fees will increase on 1 January 2018 in line with annual CPI indexation and fee increases announced in the Government's 2017-18 Budget.  From 1 January 2018 the following fees will apply:

  • 10-year passport for persons aged 16 and over $282
  • 5-year passport for children under 16 years $142
  • 5-year passport option for persons aged 75 and over $142
  • emergency passport overseas $178
  • overseas surcharge - adult applicant $105
  • overseas surcharge - child applicant $53


Fees are payable in Indian Rupees only and can be made by cash, Debit/Credit cards (except American Express) or by Demand Draft. Fees are subject to exchange rate fluctuations and/or increases in the passport fees. Applicants intending to apply by mail should check with the High Commission to ensure the fee forwarded is valid for that month. Please note: We do not accept payment by personal cheque.

NB: If your application is incomplete or incorrect (e.g. unacceptable photographs), we will return the application form and supporting documents to you.

Since the Australian passport fee is subjected to change every month due to the rate variance between the AUS$ and INR, the High Commission recommends that all the applicants should contact the Consular Section to confirm the exact amount of passport application fee.

Change in Passport fee

Local Currency Calculation for the cost of Australian Travel Document

(December 2017)


Travel Document Individual Type AUD INR
Issue of Australian Passport (Ordinary) Adult
Senior (5 years)
Rs. 6800
Rs. 6800
Overseas Processing Surcharge





Rs. 5050

Rs. 2550

Replacement Passport instead of frequent Flyers Adult $175 Rs 8600
An observation made after the issue of a passport        NA $15 Rs.750

Issue of document of Identity

Note: Document of Identity for Australian travelling between Norfolk Island and the mainland are issued free.

         NA $72 Rs. 3550
UN Travel Document (Titre de Voyage)          NA $175              

Rs. 8600

(EY) Emergency Passport Overseas          NA $175 Rs. 8600

Issue of Certificate of Identity



Rs. 8600


 The above fees apply and are payable under Passport Act 1938 and Regulation.
*The passport application fee is non-refundable.