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FAQs 2017 - Services for Australians

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Services for Australians


How do I get a replacement Australian drivers licence?

The renewal of Australian drivers’ licences is handled by the various State and Territory authorities. The High Commission does not issue or renew drivers’ licences and can only assist with the witnessing and certifying of documents if required. For further questions, or to obtain the relevant documentation for renewing your licence, please contact the transport office in the relevant Australian State or Territory.

How can I get a replacement Australian passport?

See the Australian Passport Office website.

What benefits or payments am I entitled to as a former Australian Resident?

See the Australian Government Benefits and Payments website.

I am returning from a holiday or moving back to Australia from overseas, where can I get some relocation assistance?

See the Australian Government Services website.

Can I bring cats and dogs (and other pets) to Australia?

See the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources website

How can I contact the police?

To contact the Indian police, dial 100.

Can the High Commission in New Delhi help me get a visa for another country?

The High Commission cannot issue visas for overseas travel and cannot provide definitive information on visas. See the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website for information on visas for Australians travelling overseas.

How do I obtain a police clearance or certificate of good conduct?

See the Australian Federal Police website.

Can I vote in Australian elections while overseas?

For current information on Australian elections, enrolment procedures and voting whilst overseas, visit the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) website at or contact the AEC via email ([email protected]) or telephone (+61 2 6273 8606).

Can I have my mail directed to the High Commission?

The Australian High Commission does not maintain a mail holding service. You will need to make private arrangements for this purpose.

Where can I find a lawyer in India?

The High Commission can send you a list of English speaking lawyers in Northern & Eastern India. Contact us by email to request a copy of the list. Please note, neither the Australian Government nor the Australian High Commission and Consulates-General endorse or promote specific providers or services on the list.

If you need a lawyer in Australia please see the White Pages website or the Australian Lawyers Directory webiste.  

Where can I find a local doctor or dentist in India?

The High Commission can email you a list of doctors and medical service providers in Northern & Eastern India. Contact us by email to request a copy of the list. A list of medical service providers for Southern India is available from the Australian Consulates in Mumbai and Chennai.

I’m having difficulties with my business. Can the High Commission assist with my dispute?

The High Commission cannot act as a legal representative or give legal advice. All legal disputes must be resolved through the Indian legal system. Contact us by email to request a copy of the list of English speaking lawyers in Northern & Eastern India.