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Emergency Passport

Australian Passports – Emergency Passport Applications

In certain circumstances, we can issue you an emergency passport if you need to travel urgently and your existing passport has been stolen, damaged or lost.

Emergency passports can take up to three (3) working days to be issued. We recommend waiting for the decision on whether an emergency passport can be issued before making firm travel plans or purchasing tickets.

Emergency passports have only four visa pages, no electronic chip and are generally used to facilitate return travel to Australia.

Not returning to Australia?

Some countries do not allow travellers to enter on emergency passports. You should check with the relevant embassy or consulate of the country you are travelling to confirm if they will accept an emergency passport. An emergency passport is normally issued for 7 months as most countries that allow entry with an emergency passport, require passports to have at least 6 months of validity remaining.

How to apply:

1. Please contact us on +91-11-41399900 or email [email protected] to make a booking to for an emergency passport interview.

2. Obtain a police report regarding the loss or theft of your passport.

3. Obtain three passport photos.

Please note:

• An application form for an emergency passport can be completed at the time of the interview.

• If you have any other identity documents, please bring them to the interview.

Police report:

A police report would be required to report a lost/ theft of your passport. Depending on which state you have lost your document you can lodge a report online as well with the local law enforcement agencies.  A police report would also become a required document to obtain an exit visa on your new emergency passport. 


For a full list of passport photo requirements please visit:


The fee for an emergency passport is listed on APO’s website (Fee). Payment could be made through credit card (except American Express Card) at the counter.