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Australia’s famous ‘Science Circus’ starts with a 'Bang' in India

Australia’s famous ‘Science Circus’ starts with a 'Bang' in India

Australia’s foremost science communicators – Dr Graham Walker and Dr Stuart Kohlhagen from the Australian National University started their nine-city tour of India with a bang, quite literally.

The duo commenced their packed workshops in Bangalore and Chennai by teaching students simple science concepts using cheap and everyday household items.“When you bring science to life, it has a much greater impact on people — they get emotionally involved with the concepts and thus learn better. That’s the basic philosophy with which we approach science in particular and knowledge in general,” said Graham Walker in an interview with the New Indian Express.

From vacuum cleaner bazookas throwing marshmallows to liquid nitrogen clouds transforming liquid into gas right infront of their eyes, the workshops were filled with exciting mind bending stuff that you would think was the stuff of magic. More than 1000 children in both cities participated in the workshops and had a fantabulous time learning new concepts in a fun way.

Presented by the Australian High Commission, in partnership with the National Council for Science Museums (NCSM), Science Circus workshops have been designed to allow students to experience and develop skills in problem solving, logic, and critical thinking using cost effective household materials.

To find the full schedule of the workshops, click here.

Partners- The Australian National University, National Council of Science Museums, Tamil Nadu Science and Technology Centre, IUCAA & IISER. 

The workshops have also been well received by the media. Below are a few links to the press coverage: