Australian High Commission
New Delhi
India, Bhutan

Temporary passports

Applying for a temporary passport

You may apply for a temporary passport by mail.

What to include with your application

  • ​A fully completed passport application form​
  • Two compliant passport photos
  • Photocopy of your most recent passport (photo page only)
  • B11 General Declaration (as required)
  • Credit card authorisation form [PDF] for payment​
  • ​For clients submitting the PC8 Application for an Australian Passport Overseas form (e.g. child applications, first time applicants, replacement of lost/stolen passports), you should also include photocopies of all required documents including: proof of citizenship, birth certificates, name change documents (including for parents), and an ID combination (including proof of address). ​Please make sure you include a copy of both the front and back of each document.

Where to send your application

Applications should be mailed to the office with jurisdiction over your state to the attention of the Australian Passport Office. Applications can also sent via email to the following email addresses:

For New Delhi: [email protected]

For Chennai: [email protected]

For Mumbai: [email protected]

Once we receive your application, we will contact you to schedule a video interview to confirm your identity.

Fees for temporary passports

Clients with travel booked within 3 weeks can be issued with an emergency passport

AUD 189

An emergency passport will generally be issued within 2 working days of receiving a complete application. ​

Clients with travel booked after 3 weeks can be issued with a limited validity passport

A passport valid for one year will be issued within up to 3 weeks of receiving a completed application.

  • ​Adults: AUD 301
  • Seniors: AUD 152
  • 16 and 17 year old: AUD 301
  • 15 year old and younger: AUD 152

Note: Your application fee covers the cost of your temporary passport plus your replacement passport, provided you apply for the replacement in person before your temporary passport expires, and meet all requirements. ​​


You must provide Australian-standard photographs. The photo guidelines can be found at Photo guidelines | Australian Passport Office ( Photos can be emailed or sent via postal services to our office.  


Please refer to our frequently asked questions about applying for a passport during COVID-19.