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Visitor visa processing times

Looking for a priority processing service?

Indian applicants applying in India at a VFS Visa Application Centre for a subclass 600 Visitor visa can now have the processing of their visa fast-tracked for a fee.  For more information on eligibility, cost and processing timeframes , see: Fast-Track


The visa office at the Australian High Commission, New Delhi is currently experiencing a very high volume of Visitor visa lodgements from applicants wishing to travel to Australia from India.  As a result, visa processing times are taking longer than usual.


Visitor-Tourist visa applications are currently taking up to 16 working days to be processed.

On  Friday, 24 March 2017, we are processing visitor-tourist applications received at the High Commission* on:

  •  1 March 2017
Visitor-Business visa applications are currently taking up to 10 working days to be processed.

On Friday, 24 March 2017, we are processing  visitor-business applications received at the High Commission* on:

  •  9 March 2017

We will update this website daily with current processing timeframes.

*Applications made on-line are received at the High Commission the same day.  Applications lodged at VFS are generally received at the High Commission within two (2) working days of submission to VFS.  Timeframes may vary depending on the distance of the VFS centre from New Delhi and factors such as severe weather conditions.


The Australian High Commission strongly advises visa applicants not to make non-refundable travel/airline bookings in anticipation of the grant of a visa within 15 working days of lodgement**. Any such decisions are the sole responsibility of the visa applicant. We recommend instead that you lodge your visa application well ahead of your proposed travel date and only finalise such arrangements after your visa process has been completed.

**If you are applying for a transit visa, you must provide evidence of travel to a destination outside Australia.  Please see the requirements on the Department’s website. See:

We also request that clients and agents keep status inquiries both by phone and email to a minimum, taking into account the above update on processing times and given that attending to large volumes of inquiries impacts on the resources we have available to finalise visa applications.

If you are yet to lodge your visa application and are required to undertake health examination (see Australia’s Health Requirements), you are encouraged to use the online services My Health Declaration. In most cases where clients are required to undertake health examination, this service may reduce the overall visa processing time.

Reasons why applicants may be asked to undertake medicals

Applicants may be asked to undertake medicals for various reasons some of which are given below:

- Stay of more than 3 months.
- Aged visitors (applicants over 75 years old).
- Persons likely to enter a hospital environment, health care environment or a classroom.
- Persons likely to work in child care centre.
- Persons likely to work as a doctor, dentist, nurse and paramedic (and students of these professions).
- The health declaration identifying a known health condition of an applicant.

If any of the above apply to you or your client, we encourage you to use the My Health Declaration service PRIOR to lodging your visa application.

My Health Declarations – health examinations

If you lodge a visa application you may be advised by your case officer to undergo health examination. You can now choose to complete your health examinations before lodging your visa application through My Health Declarations.

This is an online service offered by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection that allows you to determine what health examinations (if any) you are required to complete and proceed to complete any required examinations before lodging your visa application. This is done electronically through the department’s eMedical system.

If you have a valid passport, you can use My Health Declarations to organise health examinations for yourself and any family members intending to travel with you to Australia prior to lodging a visa application. You can use an agent (migration, education or travel agent) or a family member or trusted friend to help you submit your My Health Declarations form.

How do I access My Health Declarations?

Go to My Health Declarations support page and click on the link provided to start your My Health Declarations form.

Before starting to use your My Health Declarations form please read the information on the support page.

How does it work?

Once you complete My Health Declarations online form, your details will be submitted to the department to determine what health examinations are required for your visa application. A link to Organise health examinations will appear on the My Health Declarations homepage for each person who is required to undergo health examinations.

What happens next?

Your eMedical health examinations will be submitted electronically to the department for processing. You should then lodge your visa application. Indicate in your application form that you have already completed your health examinations and provide your HAP ID. This will facilitate the processing of your visa application.

Note: You will not be advised of your results until after you have lodged a visa application.